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Friday, August 12, 2011

Legal action on schools not celebrating Aug 15 - southindia - Bangalore - ibnlive

Legal action on schools not celebrating Aug 15

BANGALORE: Though the country will be celebrating its 65th year of independence, some schools in the city have declared a holiday on August 15 despite a notification by Primary and Education Minister Vishveshwara Hegde Kageri on August 20, 2010.

The notification was a reply to the letter sent to the minister by Rajya Sabha Member Rajeev Chandrashekar on August 18, 2010 wherein he had mentioned that some schools were not celebrating Independence Day.

He had said declaring a holiday on August 15 was barring a student from the country’s history and wanted� steps to be taken to ensure that Independence Day is celebrated in schools on August 15.

Kageri had acknowledged and replied saying that some schools have neglected Independence Day and they should inculcate patriotism among the students and enlighten them on the contributions of the freedom fighters and honour them on this particular day.

He also had said that all institutions should be instructed to participate and celebrate this day. If not, then legal action will be taken against those schools, he had said.

When The New India Express informed Kageri about it, he said, “I have instructed all institutions to celebrate the Independence Day. If they do not obey the orders, then legal action will be taken against them.”

On the other hand, some schools in the city will be celebrating Independence day in the true sense.

Delhi Public Schools in the city will be hoisting the national flag in their schools. “Cultural programmes will be held on the day to educate the students on how we gained independence and the true essence of it,” Mansoor Khan, a member of the board of management, Delhi Public School, said.

In the meantime, International schools like Indus International School, Bangalore, will be celebrating both the Indian and Korean Independence Day.� �

“We have told� all our students to assemble in the school at� 9 am sharp on August 15. We will be hoisting the national flag and there will be a special lecture on India’s independence,” Manas Nehrotra, management trustee of Greenwood High International School, said.

- southindia - Bangalore - ibnlive


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