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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Executive MBA's in India - Business Leaders

Designed to meet the needs of managers, executives and other business leaders, Executive MBA programmes are highly in demand in India

What is an Executive MBA programme?

An Executive MBA programme (also called EMBA) is an especially designed course to meet the educational needs of managers, C-level executive as well as other business leaders. In two years or less, an EMBA programme allows professionals to earn a business-related graduate degree while working fulltime. During this period, professionals gain a wide range of new skills and sharpen their analytical abilities by combining coursework with everyday professional experience.

The collective professional coverage of its participants is a unique aspect of the EMBA programme. Most often, a team approach is used to understand the diverse perspectives on a range on topics. This interaction results in a challenging, stimulating learning experience that provides for maximum return on time and resources invested. EMBA programmes have, over the years, expanded in numbers all over the world and in India too.

Even though the course is taught by distinguished PhD full-time faculty, an EMBA programme is much different from a regular MBA.

Firstly, the course is especially tailored to meet the requirements of working professionals and managers who are working fulltime, are in the mid-stage of their careers and want to enrich their educational knowledge. Due to time constraints, EMBA progamme classes are usually held over the weekend. However, thanks to technological advancements, EMBA programmes are further custom-made for working professionals who must balance work, travel and family along with their academic pursuits.

Special Highlights of an EMBA programme

Even though courses offered in an EMBA programme are generally the same as those taught in traditional MBA programs – accounting, finance, statistics, management, marketing and information systems, there are a few unique aspects to an EMBA study programme. The experience is enhanced by the extensive professional experience of its participants. Plus, a great amount of study material is covered in an accelerated manner to fit the timetable of busy working executives. Additionally, principal instructors are mostly senior faculty members who have a rich experience in teaching and consulting.

How are Executive MBA Programmes priced?

An EMBA course can take the participants career to new heights. A successful EMBA study programme is dictated by an excellent faculty, facilities and high quality exposure. So of course, obtaining this degree is an investment on the participant’s part.

However, in most of the cases, students are sponsored fully, or partly, by their employers. Most employers are able to comprehend the advantage they would gain from having an employee whose management skills have been brought to the peak. Students who are not sponsored by their companies are eligible for loans, scholarships, and/or other financial aid.

Typically, in India, the fees for a fulltime one year Executive MBA can cost anywhere from Rs, 1, 50,000 to Rs. 15lakh. Plus, it also depends on the candidate’s choice of programme and Business-school. The fees may be on the higher side but it is important to consider that a 1-year Executive MBA programme can be extremely intensive. The programme is usually conducted through different study modes such as case studies, discussions, debates, learning from each others’ work experiences, assignments, etc.

Some 1-year Executive MBA programmes offered in India are:

· IIM Ahmedabad: PGPX (Post Graduate Programme for Executives)

· IIM Bangalore: Executive General Management programme

· IIM C (Kolkata): PGPX (Post Graduate Programme for Executives)

· Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad

· XLRI, Jamshedpur: Graduate Management Programme

· IMT, Ghaziabad

Executive Courses for professionals in India

In India, the treatment to EMBA’s is slightly different. “Broadly, there are two categories” informs Prof N Bringi Dev, Adjunct Professor & Head - Communication, IIM Bangalore. “A fulltime 1 year course is ideal for professionals with 7-15 years of work experience & can cost anywhere between 19 -20 lakh rupees. On the other hand, other executive general management courses are also offered to students looking for weekend programmes” he adds.

At IIMB, the Executive Education Programmes comprise:

· Open Programmes are anchored on faculty research and expertise across various disciplines of management and draw participants from different organisations. This consists of both short and long durationprogrammes.

· Customized Programmes offered by the Institute are designed to meet the specific needs of organizations.

· International Programmes are offered for the benefit of global practicing managers, in collaboration with top international B-schools and universities.

“We have excellent diversity in the profile of the current batch of General Management Program (GMP - Full Time MBA course for executives with more than 5 years work experience) including doctors, fashion designers, CA’s, bankers as well as professionals and managers from Nuclear Power Operations” says Mr. Rajeev Kumar Shahi, General Management, XLRI, Jamshedpur.

Subhra Sengupta, CFO,TATA Metalliks, N Sunil Kumar, CEO, ABN AMRO Foundation, Subhendu Baliarsingh, Country Head- Marketing, AREVA and Dr Kailash Jialdasani , DGM, Marketing Apollo hospitals are to mention a few names from XLRI, Jamshedpur’s Executive Programme.

Admission to an EMBA course

Ideally, the enrollment to an Executive MBA course is a very individualized process. Professional performance, academic records, GMAT scores and recommendations are all considered before offering admission. While test scores, grade point averages and other objective criteria are all important evaluations, a potential student’s background, work experience, career goals and willingness to succeed are crucial factors in making an admission decision.

An Executive MBA degree represents a refined level of knowledge and skills pertaining to a broad range of contemporary management topics. It helps participants think strategically and plan competitively in the global business world. Thus, it is said that an Executive MBA is one of the wisest decisions managers with three to five years of work experience can make as it offers them an edge over other employees and paves the way for immense career success.


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